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Are The Tyres On Your Volvo or Toyota Legal?

  • Friday, August 04, 2017

ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Independent Garage of the Year 2015, Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award & The Eagle Radio Customer Focus Business 2017 Award, are Servicing, Repair & MOT Specialists based in the heart of Farnborough, Hampshire. We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about the tyres on your Volvo or Toyota. Are they legal? When did you last check your tyres? Are you one of those people who leaves your local independent garage to check them annually during your service or MOT? Correct tyre pressures will extend the life of your tyres by having an even wear and protect your car engine as it is not having to work as hard. It will also give you better fuel economy. It really is a no brainer to make tyre checks a regular occurance.


As a car owner it is your responsibility by UK law to ensure that your Volvo or Toyota is fitted with the correct type and size tyres for the vehicle that you are driving and of course to the correct tyre pressure – ignorance really is not a defence we are afraid. If at any time you are in doubt you must check your owners’ manual or check with your local independent garage.

The quickest way to check the tyre depth on the tread is to use a 20p. Insert it into the tread across the centre ¾ of the tyre in different places if you can see the rim of the 20p coin then you do not have enough tread and you need to change your tyres – the legal minimum requirement is 1.6mm. Not only are you risking you and your passengers health and safety by having illegal tyres you are also compromising other road users. This is a serious offence and carries a maximum penalty of 3 points and up to £2500 fine PER DEFECTIVE TYRE.

Here at ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Motor Trader Independent Garage of The Year 2015, The Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award and The Eagle Radio Customer Focus 2017 Business Award, we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding customer experience for a fraction of the cost of a dealership. Give us a call and let us quote you for your next service or repair on your Volvo or Toyota. We service all areas around Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnham, Guildford, Frimley, Camberley, Hook, Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Yateley, Hampshire and Surrey. We offer free collection and drop off services. We also have a fleet of courtesy cars to allow you to get on with your schedule whilst your Volvo or Toyota is with us. Happy Motoring from all at ACC UK Ltd – Independent Volvo & Toyota servicing, repair and MOT specialists based in the heart of Farnborough, Hampshire.

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