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Air Conditioning Servicing

The best way to reduce the possibility of your car air conditioning system breaking down is to have regular maintenance and servicing checks.

Air Conditioning Service
The majority of car owners do not tend to get their car air conditioning system serviced regularly, mainly due to attempting to reduce annual motoring costs, however A/C failure normally amounts to substantial repair/replacement costs. Therefore the A/C system may only receive attention when it fails. However, air conditioners should be serviced professionally each year by a DEFRA Qualified Technician. All Technicians at ACC UK Ltd are DEFRA Qualified.

Regular servicing will extend the life of your air conditioning system by addressing potential problems before they occur. It must also be stressed that air conditioning systems contain refrigerant held under high pressure and so should only be worked on by a professional to prevent potential injury.

Our Standard A/C Service includes:

  • The Vehicle is connected to the diagnostic equipment
  • Duct temperature and gauge pressures are checked against ambient temperature
  • Refrigerant is recovered and weighed
  • The system is evacuated, dehydrated and recharged with correct amount of refrigerant and oil
  • Leak test is carried out using UV dye
  • The system control functions including clutch actuation, flap operation and thermostats are checked to OEM specifications
  • The drive belt tension, mounting bolts, condenser condition, drain hose, pollen filter and other relevant components are checked