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We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about offering some tips to help you reduce expensive repair bills for your Volvo or Toyota. The things to look out for which may
indicate there is a problem which requires some expert help and advice from your trusted mechanic at your local independent garage.

Save money on car repairs

A faulty battery could mean that your car wont start – this always happens when you really do not have the time to sort it out. At your
regular annual service your local independent garage should check the terminals are clean and free from grime and put on a layer of grease to avoid
corrosion. There is nothing stopping you from checking your terminals every few months. You may find that you are having issues with your battery charge
if you make short journeys – you may benefit from doing an overnight charge every few weeks. If you have a new modern car these really should not be
jump started as it could have a detrimental effect on the electrics.

Tyres – these are a common problem – flat or worn – you would notice if your shoes were worn or had a hole in them as you wear them daily
– you should also check your tyres regularly. There are serious implications if your tyres are worn – you could face a fine if caught, your car will
fail its MOT, and more importantly you are risking yours and other road users safety if your tyres are not up to scratch – make tyre checking a regular
thing – it takes a few minutes at the petrol station once a month. Modern cars may have a tyre pressure indicator light on the dashboard.

Keys – do you have a spare set? It can be very expensive if you lose them! If you are already using your spare set – make sure you get
another one. And obviously do not keep your spare key in the car!

Starter Motor – have you noticed problems starting your car in the mornings? This could be a battery issue or a problem with your starter
motor. Don’t ignore this! Get your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage for investigation. Now we are moving into colder and damper months
you really should take action now! These issues rarely go away on their own!

Alternator – have you noticed that your lights dim when you are stationary? There could be a problem with your alternator. Again – do
not ignore this warning sign. Take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage for investigation. This issue could lead to much bigger and
more costly problems such as the fan failing and the car overheating – this will be very expensive!

Petrol/diesel – try not to drive your Volvo or Toyota all the way to empty. Try and keep the tank at least a ¼ full as all the sludge
is at the bottom of the tank. If you find that you have filled up with the wrong fuel turn off your engine immediately and call for assistance.

Clutch – have you noticed that it has become spongy? This could be an indication that it is on its way out? Clutch failure means that
you cannot drive so at the first sign of this take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage for investigation.

Servicing – we cannot reiterate enough the importance of getting your Volvo or Toyota
serviced regularly. A well maintained car will have less issues that one that is not maintained. It will also be far cheaper to keep on the road as
you will help to avoid breakdowns. Even regular oil and filter changes will help to maintain the health of the engine. These are things that you can
do yourself at home if you know what you are doing.

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