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Courtesy Cars

Courtesy Cars
Here at ACC UK Ltd we understand it can be a bit of an inconvenience trying to work out the best time to book your car in for a Service, Repair or MOT because you need your car for work, the school run or general day to day duties. Or alternatively, you have to spend time arranging for someone to pick you up after you have dropped your car off and to give you a lift back to pick it up once the work has been completed. At ACC UK Ltd we have a solution for every eventuality.

We have a fleet of Courtesy Vehicles available to our Clients. ACC UK Ltd have insured all our Courtesy Vehicles meaning you as the customer do not need to worry about swapping over your insurance details for the day. Our Courtesy Vehicle is offered completely FREE OF CHARGE, all we ask is that you replace the fuel you have used and refrain from smoking in them.

If you don’t need the use of a Courtesy Vehicle for the day but still need to get your car to the garage don’t worry we have a full time Driver/Cleaner that can come and pick up your vehicle from your home or work and drop it back off when the work has been completed . Your vehicle will be delivered back washed and hovered.

Both these services are offered completely FREE OF CHARGE. Please ensure that you mention when booking your car in for Service, MOT or Repair if you require a Courtesy Car or a pick up/drop off service.