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Meet the team

Simon Cook - The Boss! (And Tea Boy)

Simon started ACC UK Ltd in 2003 after becoming disillusioned that people were being over charged for a sub standard service and wanted to dispel the myths that independent garages were not the place to take your car if you wanted a great job doing. Simon has over 30 years experience in the motor industry and splits his time working in his business as well as on his business. Simon has embraced emerging technology and is on a continuous learning and development programme. Simon has also been awarded Fellow status in the IMI.

Fraser Wensley - Service Manager (Service with a smile!)

Fraser has been with ACC UK Ltd since its formation in 2003. He has over 35 years experience and knowledge in the car trade. Fraser has the ability to convey in layman’s terms to the customer what exactly the problem is and what needs to be done to rectify it. A great strength which separates us from our competitors as our customers appreciate the honesty and it puts them at ease.

Terry Collins - Master Technician & MOT Tester

Terry has over 35 years experience in the Motor Trade. With exceptional knowledge of Volvo and Toyota and is our Diagnostic Master. Terry has also embraced continuous learning and is currently on the Bosch Diagnostic Training Programme. Terry can often be heard singing in the workshop!

Maurice Fuller - Vehicle Technician & MOT Tester

Maurice has over 30 years experience in the Motor Trade, and has great knowledge of all makes and models. He is our Master Welder and great at solving problematic issues with vehicles that come to us from other garages that have found themselves stumped! Maurice has also embraced emerging technology and is on a Bosch Training Programme. He can often be heard harmonising with Terry in the workshop!

Andy Morris - Car Valeter & Driver

Andy keeps our fleet of loan cars clean and sparkling. He will also get your car squeaky clean whilst it is in for its service and deliver it back with a smile! We think he has a touch of OCD as we sometimes catch him cleaning wheels with a toothbrush!