ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Independent Garage of the Year 2015 & Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award, are Servicing, Repair & MOT Specialists
based in the heart of Farnborough, Hampshire. We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and
expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about some of the warning things that you should never ignore when it comes to your Volvo or Toyota. If you stick your head in the
sand thinking problems will go away you are kidding yourself. Invariably the repair is always going to cost more than if you had acted straight away.
Over time parts wear down and will need to be replaced – acting swiftly can prevent more damage being done to other parts later down the line. Believe
us when we say that preventative maintenance on your Volvo or Toyota is always going to cost less than reactive maintenance.

1)Gear Changing Problems – If you find that it is becoming difficult changing gears then there is a problem. It could be an issue with the transmission,
possibly a clutch problem or maybe the fluids are low. Get your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage for further inspection – this problem
will only get worse without attention!

2)Bad Smell From Your Exhaust – there could be a number of things that can cause a bad smell from the exhaust of your Volvo or Toyota. For example it could
be an issue with your catalytic converter or maybe the fuel/air mixture is wrong. Take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent specialist for
further inspection. This problem will not go away!

3)Bulge in Your Tyre Wall – this can happen if you put too much air in your tyres – check your owners manual for the correct setting. You could also get
a bulge in your Volvo or Toyota tyre wall if you go over put holes etc – easily done considering the state of some of our roads in the UK. You really
need to take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage and get the tyre changed. The tyre is now compromised and a weak spot has formed
– the trye is at risk of bursting at any time which is pretty dangerous – especially at high speeds on the motorway – don’t risk it – get it changed.

4)Smelling Smoke – If you can smell smoke or see smoke in your car take your car immediately to your local independent Volvo or Toyota garage. Or arrange
for it to be taken there if the problem is bad or you have a way to travel to get to them. This is particularly dangerous as a fire may start. The
common reasons for smelling or seeing smoke are fluids that are leaking, seized brakes or possibly electrical issues within the car. Again you will
need an expert to look at it to assess the problem.

5)Noisy Brakes – If you find that your brakes are making a high pitched screeching noise then i’m afraid that it is time for new brake pads for your Volvo
or Toyota – if you continue to drive in this condition then not only do you compromise yours and other road users safety by possibly not being able
to stop your vehicle you also run the risk of damaging the brake disks – more money!!!

Here at ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Motor Trader Independent Garage of The Year 2015 & Inspire Customer
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