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At ACC UK Ltd we can offer a complete range of performance enhancements for your car. We can provide anything to suit your requirements, from performance air filters to full brake system upgrades, with all components manufactured from the highest grade materials.

  • Kevlar Based Performance Brake Pads
  • Groove and Cross-drilled Brake Discs
  • High Performance Braided Brake Hoses
  • Uprated Shock Absorbers and Springs
  • Suspension lowering
  • Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Stainless Steel Performance Catalytic Convertors
  • ECU Upgrades
  • Intercooler Upgrades
  • Performance Strut Braces

PPC Tuning System

Car Performance tuning
PPC® - the optimal ODB tuning system - Unique tuning technology developed by Swedish high-tech company BSR. The PPC® is supplied pre-programmed with a highly developed and sophisticated tuning program from BSR. Updates are available via the internet. Installing it takes only a matter of minutes. The PPC® simply plugs into your car's diagnostic port so you don't even have to lift the bonnet ! If the need ever arises and you wish to reverse the upgrade, the original can be recalled just as easily. For reasons of security, the PPC® unit has been designed so that it "marries" itself to the car to which it is first connected. BSR continuously develops the PPC for new models and engine management systems as they become available.