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Top 10 MOT Failure Items

Failed MOT
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The blog this week is based around the top ten items that cars are failing their MOT’s on. According to figures from 2000/21, about 36% of vehicles failed their MOT on the first attempt, equating to nearly 7.8 million tests, with the average failure resulting from nearly three problems. Many of the faults that caused the failures are simple to repair and could have been fixed before the test. Everyone is trying to save money at the moment, interest rates are rising, fuel bills are rising, along with increases in your weekly food shop, so following our tips should help avoid wasting your time and money. Read on to find out more:

1.     Lights and Signalling

Blown bulbs are the most common cause of failures, yet they're also one of the easiest and cheapest to fix. Check all of your lights - front, rear, indicators, brake lights, numberplate lights,  and front and back fog lights before the MOT test. Change any bulbs before taking your Volvo or Toyota in for its MOT test.

2.     Suspension

Britain's potholed roads put our vehicle's suspension to the test and suspension problems are becoming more regular, with nearly 1 in 10 tests reporting suspension failures. We are seeing lots of broken and damaged suspensions during routine servicing. Getting this sorted quickly will also help preserve your tyres longevity by avoiding uneven tyre wear. Don’t miss your regular servicing and if you do hit a pothole and are worried about possible damage there is no harm popping to your local independent garage for a quick check.  

3.     Brakes

Does your brake pedal feel spongy or is your Volvo or Toyota pulling to the left or right when braking? It could mean that you need to replace your brake pads. On average you should be replacing your brake pads every 50,000 miles but this does depend entirely on your driving style and the type of driving that you do - ie motorway v town. Also if you had an advisory on your last MOT regarding brakes did you actually address it?  

4.     Tyres

Check the tread depth with a 20p piece across the whole width of the tyre and all the way around. Your tyres may be under the legal limit if the outside ring of the coin is visible. You should be doing this regularly not just before an MOT. Driving with bald or damaged tyres opens you up to hefty fines if you are stopped by the police or in the event of an accident you could invalidate your insurance if your vehicle is deemed unroadworthy.

5.     Driver's view of the road

Your car might fail the MOT test if the windscreen is cracked within a certain position on the windscreen or if you just leave a windscreen-mounted phone cradle in place for the test. If you do get a chip in your windscreen get it repaired before it turns into a crack which cannot be fixed and will result in a new windscreen at a considerable cost to you.  Chip repairs are relatively inexpensive.

6.     Emissions 

These are becoming a more common cause of failure. Take your Volvo or Toyota on a good run on the motorway before you bring it in for its MOT to clear it out. Those with diesel cars may encounter issues with their DPF filters. Those who have had theirs removed will find they will have an MOT failure on their hands!

7.     Steering

Check the level of your power steering fluid and top it up if required before bringing your Volvo or Toyota in for its MOT. 

  • Seat belts and airbags - All your seat belts must work properly. If you have had an air bag warning light illuminate on your dashboard and have been ignoring it get it checked out before the MOT - it may just be a blip in the system. 
  • Body and structure - Any accident damage, such as loose bumpers, should be repaired as soon as possible. 

10.  Registration plates

Your number plates must be visible and readable. Check the lights at the same time you are checking your other lights. If your number plate is dirty then clean it. If you have the incorrect spacing and font you may also have a problem. You risk a fine of up to £1000 for incorrect spacing!

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