ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Independent Garage of the Year 2015, Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award & The Eagle Radio Customer Focus Business
2017 Award, are Servicing, Repair & MOT Specialists based in the heart of Farnborough,
Hampshire. We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about what you can do to help your Volvo or Toyota pass it’s MOT. Simple checks made beforehand can help in the long run! Making
sure that your Volvo or Toyota is maintained throughout the year helps to keep it in good condition and helps to keep your repair bills down.

MOT Test StationAt ACC UK Ltd we want your
Volvo or Toyota to Pass its MOT the first time, every time. We have put together a list of simple things that you can check BEFORE you bring it in
for its MOT. The list covers some of the very common MOT failures that can cost you time and money if it fails. Some garages will charge you for absolutely
everything when you are fooled into taking it to a place that offers ridiculously low priced MOT’s. Here at ACC UK Ltd we wont charge you labour costs
to change light bulbs we will just charge for the cost of the part used. Be mindful of being sucked in to these ‘great offers’ – they are more often
than not great offers!

1)Lights – check that all your bulbs are working – Brake Lights, Head Lights, Indicators, Fog Lights, Number Plate Lights and Hazard Lights. Lights that
don’t work will result in an MOT failure!

2)Number Plate – Make sure that it is clean and complies with the current legislation with reference to font and spacing – it is an MOT failure if it does

3)Windscreen & Wiper blades – If you have chips and cracks in your Volvo or Toyota windscreen you risk an MOT failure. You can normally get chips repaired
for free through your insurance – get this done before you take it for its MOT. Any chip that is bigger than 4mm will result in a fail along with any
chip that is in the drivers direct line of vision. If your wiper blades have become cracked then change them before your MOT, this is an inexpensive
repair – the rubber will deteriorate over time and the blades will become ineffective at moving water and debris off your windscreen.

4)Horn – again an MOT failure if it does not work – check it before taking it in for its MOT

5)Fuel, Oil & Screen Wash – Make sure that you have topped up all of these before you take your Volvo or Toyota in for its MOT – your local independent
garage will need to check the emissions and cant do this if there is insufficient fuel and engine oil and they will need to check your wiper blades
work correctly so make sure you top up the washer bottle

6)Tyres – check that your Volvo or Toyota has legal tyres by checking the tyre depth – if you are unsure as to what this is read our blogs about tyres.
If there is uneven wear it is normally because you have insufficient air pressure – get your tyres changed before you take it for its MOT.

7)Seatbelts & Airbags – check that all your seatbelts work correctly and that your airbag warning light is not on – if it is get it investigated by
your local independent Volvo or Toyota garage before your MOT

Here at ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Motor Trader Independent Garage of The Year 2015, The Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016
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from all at ACC UK Ltd – Independent Volvo & Toyota servicing, repair and MOT specialists based in the heart of Farnborough, Hampshire.