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Car Care Basics

Car care
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The blog this week is about the basics of proper car maintenance. With owning a car comes a certain amount of responsibility. Whether you are a first-time car owner, or you have owned numerous cars, it’s important that you take your vehicle related duties seriously. When a vehicle is kept in excellent condition, the routine maintenance will be easier, you will find that your car will be more fun to drive, and the vehicle itself will last much longer than it would if it was neglected through inadequate maintenance. Read on to find out more:

Armed with some knowledge of what needs to be done, how to do it, and which car care products to use, you will be able to perform all the basic maintenance that is required to keep your car on the road in good condition and running well. These basic routine car maintenance items include checking your oil on a weekly or fortnightly basis, along with checking your tyre pressures, water and coolant levels, screen wash levels, brake fluid levels and tyre tread.

Car Manual

Take the time to look through the manual that comes with your car. Keep this book handy and refer to it as often as you wish. If you have purchased a used car that came without a manual, you may be able to find one online.

Within your manual you will find a host of tips that can make maintenance easier. Consider marking certain helpful sections such as the type of oil that should be used for your specific car - your local independent garage will sell high quality oil - if you are unsure which oil to use pop in to see them. You will also be able to identify the warning lights that may illuminate on your dashboard alerting you to a potential problem. It is of paramount importance that you do not ignore these lights and seek expert advice from your local independent garage or mechanic at the earliest opportunity.

Car Maintenance Schedule

Ensuring that you adhere to the manufacturers service schedule will ensure that your vehicle stays in good shape - filter changes, cam belt changes and oil changes are recommended for a reason - they help to reduce engine wear and keep it in optimum condition. When it comes to selling your Volvo or Toyota, you can command a higher price if you have full-service history as opposed to an exact car that has no service history - Why? Because it shows a potential buyer that the car has been maintained and will probably not require a vast amount of money spent on it and will be less likely to break down!

Don't be afraid to shop around to find out the best quote before booking your vehicle in for its service - check to see if the garage offers free courtesy cars or pick up/drop off services - especially important if you need your vehicle to get to and from work. In order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on your Volvo or Toyota you must adhere to the service schedule and ensure that your service book has been stamped. You do not need to take your Volvo or Toyota to a dealership to maintain the warranty, you are free to get your car serviced anywhere you like.

Car Care Kit

All car owners should have a car care kit. This kit can include items that will help in case of emergencies, provide items needed for maintenance, and items that will keep your car looking great. ACC UK Ltd offers a handy boot bag. It contains oil, coolant and screen wash - an essential kit to have - ask at reception for details.

Keep the exterior of your car in tip top condition with regular washes and wax. It is important to maintain the body work and to keep your windows free from dirt and grit. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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