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Common Basic MOT Failure Items

Mot Failure
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The blog this week is based around some of the most common and totally avoidable Basic MOT failure items. Everyone is trying to save money at the moment, interest rates are rising, fuel bills are rising, along with increases in your weekly food shop, so following our tips should help avoid wasting your time and money. Read on to find out more:

The blog this week is based around the top 5 simple things that will mean your Volvo or Toyota will fail its MOT. You may think ‘Why do they matter?’ or “It does not affect the car” However rules are rules and they need to be adhered to. So before you book your Volvo or Toyota in for its MOT check over your car yourself to help reduce the probability of it failing on a simple basic item! On average nearly 2 in 5 cars will fail the MOT the first time, often through minor issues that the car owner could action before taking the car for the MOT Test. This will save you time and possibly money in the long run if you give your Volvo or Toyota the once over first. Some garages only perform MOT’s and do not actually carry out any repair work so you will have to take your car elsewhere to get the issues addressed before then taking it back for its retest. 

Top Tip: Be wary of places that offer very cheap MOT’s. An MOT should take approximately an hour to complete. VOSA has set the maximum charge at £54.85.
Good independent garages will include wiper blade changes (labour cost not parts) etc FOC in this fee but garages that charge cheap prices will charge for every minute they spend doing minor things to recoup their costs/overheads so beware of enticing cheap MOT’s! If a garage is charging £25-£40 for an MOT remember - they have to pay their MOT tester for that hour, they have to pay VOSA for the MOT slot, they have to pay for their electricity, rent, rates, equipment etc. Its unfeasible to carry out this work so cheaply.

According to research carried out by WhatCar? Magazine the top five simple reasons a car failed its MOT were:

  1. Screen wash not topped up. This basic task takes minutes to do so check before you take your Volvo or Toyota for its MOT
  2. The car was dirty or full of clutter. Clean the windows and de clutter the interior and boot.
  3. A registration plate problem. This is normally when incorrect type face and/or spacing is being used – especially for personalised
plates! Also if the number plate is dirty or in fact missing your Volvo or Toyota will fail.
  4. Stickers on the windscreen blocking the driver’s view. These need to be outside of the wiper blade sweep area.
  5.  Lit-up warning light on the dashboard. Any warning lights on the dashboard will result in a fail – ensure that you action any warning
lights prior to taking your Volvo or Toyota for its MOT.

All these items are totally avoidable. We have written many blogs on MOT pre checks to help your Volvo or Toyota sail through its MOT. Don’t forget that if you had advisories on your previous MOT and you did not action them, they will still be there and could have gotten much worse resulting in an MOT Fail this time. Other very common MOT failure reasons are blown bulbs, brake issues, suspension issues (not surprising with the amount of potholes) and tyre issues. Happy Safe Motoring Folks

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