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Emergency Boot Kits

First Aid kit
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The blog this week is some tips on what to carry in your boot for when you breakdown or have an accident. Everyone is trying to save money at the moment, interest rates are rising, fuel bills are rising, food costs are soaring etc so when it comes to owning a car, we need all the help we can get to keep costs down. Read on to find out more:

Even if you take every precaution to avoid breakdowns such as regularly servicing your Volvo or Toyota, action any dashboard warning lights that may come on in between services and carry out your regular preventative maintenance such as topping up fluids etc you should always carry an emergency kit with you in the car. We don’t know when we will break down or have an accident so being prepared for that eventuality is forward planning. You should also have your RAC or AA or Green Flag breakdown details in your glove box just in case you need them. This kit will come in handy if you should experience a breakdown or if you find yourself involved in an accident. If you are travelling abroad in your car – please read up on what is required and expected of you for the country/countries, you are travelling to/through – there are certain items that you are required to carry in your car.

So, what should you include in your emergency kit?

Water – for drinking should it be a hot day and you are waiting for assistance and water to top up your radiator should it need it. Do not attempt to top it up whilst the engine is hot – you risk injuring yourself with steam.

Food – in the form of snack cereal bars, crisps, sweets, and chocolate – just in case there are any medical issues such as diabetes, or if you have children that will need food whilst waiting for the recovery truck.

Blanket – just in case it is night-time and chilly or if there has been an accident and someone is in shock and needs to be kept warm.

First Aid Kit – in case someone sustains an injury.

Torch – if you break down at night you will need to attract attention but also to alert people to your presence. If the electrics fail on your Volvo or
Toyota, you will be unable to use your hazard lights.

Map – in case you get lost or your sat nav breaks down, being lost is one of the worst feelings, especially at night on unfamiliar roads, the probability of accidents rises.

Emergency Triangle – to alert other drivers that there is a breakdown ahead of them and to slow down.

Sun cream – if you must wait for assistance during the mid-day sun it would be wise to protect your skin from burning, especially little children.

Shovel – you can buy mini shovels to keep in your boot – handy in the unpredictable British winter weather when snow can suddenly blanket the roads.

De-icer & Windscreen Scraper – we find that CD cases work just as well at scraping ice from the windows.

Anti-freeze – carry a litre of this in the boot – temperatures can plummet, and you could get caught out – we sell handy boot bags – ask at reception.

Warm clothing – even if you are just travelling to and from work it is always advisable to keep a coat in the car just in case you need
to wait at the roadside for assistance.

Tow rope – always handy if you need towing out of a ditch after an accident.

Mobile Phone – always have your mobile phone fully charged before starting a journey – it is also advisable to carry an in car charger just in case you find yourself with little battery – the more modern phones don’t seem to hold their charge as long anymore due to the fact that we use them not only for calls but to check emails, listen to music, browse the internet, check social media etc its so easy to run the battery down during the day. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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