Millions of motorists are left in a state of confusion when it comes to choosing the correct oil for their car’s engine.

According to research conducted recently by Mobil 1 and the Institute of Advanced Motorists, two thirds of drivers are unaware as to what grade of oil is recommended by their vehicle’s manufacturer, leaving them vulnerable to engine damage and mechanical faults.

The research found that 96 per cent of motorists say they don’t care which oil is used in their car, while 65 per cent of respondents said they wouldn’t know which oil viscosity grade was recommended by their vehicle’s manufacturer anyway. An even larger percentage (69 per cent) were ignorant as to which brand is recommended by their car’s maker.

Simon Cook, Managing Director of ACC UK Ltd, Independent Volvo & Toyota Servicing, Repair and MOT Specialists of Farnborough, Hampshire says “The wrong grade or specification of oil can increase engine wear dramatically, risking expensive breakdowns as well as affecting the car’s value. Responsible owners must take an active role in their vehicle’s health.” Here at ACC UK Ltd we have a range of engine oils to suit the needs of our customers and actively promote awareness of the importance of using the correct oils. The oils flow around the engine much like blood pumping round your body, if your engine parts are not being lubricated correctly then the engine parts will suffer excessive wear and tear resulting in costly repair bills that are often avoided if the correct oil is being used and servicing schedules are being maintained.

Choosing the right engine oils for your vehicle is vital in terms understanding levels of protection on offer. Conventional oil is simply refined crude oil, while synthetic oil, is not only refined, but it is also distilled and purified. This helps to provide better protection against wear, high heat, cold weather and sludge build-up.

"You don’t need any expert automotive knowledge to get involved with deciding what engine oil should be used, do a little research, talk to your mechanic at your local garage and express a preference" says Simon, "we really are here to help our customers maintain their vehicles in the most cost effective way." No question is a dumb question, not asking in the first place is dumb! Happy Motoring from all at ACC UK Ltd, your local Independent Volvo & Toyota, Servicing, Repair and MOT Specialists based in Farnborough, Hampshire