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How To Reduce Car Costs

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The blog this week is about what you can do to reduce the costs of owning your own Volvo or Toyota. Running a car has become a major expense, especially with the ever increasing fuel prices. Drivers can use certain methods to not only decrease fuel consumption but to also reduce other costs when running a car throughout the year. The expense of running a car is no joke and can take a huge chunk out of the monthly household budget. UK drivers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the rapidly rising car fuel costs. As petrol prices look set to increase the only option open to drivers will be to find more economical ways to run their cars. Please read our blog to find ways that you too can save costs throughout the year!

Trade In the Petrol Guzzling Car

Fuel prices are pretty high at the moment and do not look likely to decrease in the near future. Filling that tank is now a huge expense for most motorists, and cars that drink fuel are quickly going out of fashion. Smaller cars do not weigh as much as the bigger models and fuel consumption can be as much as 50% less than larger cars. Choose a car by actual requirements rather than desires. Have you thought about hybrid or electric car ownership? Also if there is an option to work from home moving forward from the pandemic do you even really need a car? There are lots of things to consider that is for sure. Dropping down to a less powerful car can also save on insurance costs as well as fuel consumption. These are two major ways that you can save money all year and still have the luxury of owning a car.

Seek Out the Lowest Fuel Prices

With diesel and petrol prices increasing it is important to achieve the best prices available. The internet will be of use when it comes to sourcing out the best fuel prices in the local area. There are actually petrol comparison sites on the internet that will give updated prices on a range of petrol stations including supermarkets. Prices are changing regularly so it is important to check on these sites daily. Obviously if it is a 15 mile round trip to the cheapest petrol station it may not be worth the journey to save a 1p on a litre of fuel! Filling up your tank at non motorway service stations is cheaper normally so plan in advance of your journeys. Remember, do not fill a car tank completely; more fuel in the tank means a heavier car and this will increase fuel consumption. Also do not drive around too often with very little fuel as the sediments in the bottom of the tank can cause damage in the long term. Look out for supermarket petrol offers such as 5p off a litre of fuel when you spend £50 on groceries - these offers can save you £'s over the year!

Change Your Driving Habits

The way a car is driven can make a significant difference to fuel consumption. Streamlining a car simply means shutting windows whilst driving and removing roof racks, and this will save on fuel consumption. Make sure tyres are properly inflated - consult your owners manual for the correct tyre pressures - if in doubt pop into your local independent garage - ACC UK Ltd of Farnborough, Hampshire - Independent Volvo & Toyota Servicing, Repair and MOT Specialists offer their customers free tyre and battery checks - and avoid using the air conditioning when driving. Driving at 55mph rather than 70mph will cut fuel consumption by 20%. Avoid warming your car on idle on cold mornings; this wastes fuel every day.

Shop Around for the Best Insurance Quotes

Insurance is a big expense each year but it is also a necessity. If your insurance policy is up for renewal, always shop around and obtain quotes from different insurers. The easiest and quickest way is to use a price comparison website. One of our customers recently saved £250 a year by switching. Even giving her current insurers an opportunity to re price for her still didn’t bring her renewal price close to the new quote. So we urge you-20 minutes of your time every year can save you a lot of money! Consider negotiating with present insurers if rivals have offered lower insurance quotes. Insurers won’t offer a lower quote to a customer they have had for years but they may be more likely to if they think they are going to lose a customer. Tweaking your insurance may also make a big difference - consider upping the excess on your policy!

Use an Independent rather than a dealership for repairs and servicing

Regular servicing of your vehicle will help to maintain the longevity of your vehicle whilst at the same time help to avoid breakdowns - shop around for quotes when it comes to your cars annual servicing and repairs that are required - it is normally a lot cheaper to take your car to an independent garage rather than a dealership. Don’t be fooled by the cheap MOT offers - garages offering MOT's for silly prices will need to make up the money in sometimes unnecessary repairs. It really is not possible for a garage to perform an MOT for £20 or so - they would be losing money! Find yourself a good reputable local independent garage and stick with them! Having a fully serviced and maintained car will save you money in the long run by being more reliable and less likely to breakdown not to mention the fact that the resale value of a car that has been well maintained will be far greater than one that has not.

Do You Actually Need Roadside Recovery?

Roadside recovery is another expense but is it actually cost effective? Many people have some form of roadside recovery as a safety back-up but never actually use it. A lot of people have free roadside recovery attached to their current bank accounts - check to see if this is applicable to you! It could be with Green Flag. Some insurance policies also offer this as an incentive when you take up a new policy or have it as an add on to your insurance at point of purchase. The costs of towing your car from a motorway will far outweigh the cost of the breakdown cover so it is worth thinking about. But do shop around for a good deal. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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