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The blog this week is about the changes to the speeding laws in the UK that came into effect in April/May 2017. Not only do we like to give you hints and
tips on good maintenance and looking after the health of your Volvo or Toyota, we also like to give you information regarding motoring in general.

Speeding fines

In general terms, if caught speeding the fines are going to much more than they were previously. This law change reflects opinion that the old law did
not expose the possibility of the harm that could be done when drivers drove over the speed limits on our roads. In the past the most common fine given
when being caught speeding was £100. Now you will be fined a % of your weekly wage. This % could be as much as 150%, however the total maximum amount
that you can be fined is £2500. The % of the fine is determined by where you have been caught speeding and how much over the speed limit you were going.
The higher level fines have been reserved for motorway driving as it is felt that this is where the most danger lies. The fines have been split into
3 distinct bands – A B & C, with the C band carrying the biggest fines. If you are caught speeding on a road that is not the motorway it is expected
that the most you could expect to be fined would be £1000.

If you find yourself in court for speeding, the magistrate will be looking at all the factors, including the weather conditions at the time. How many points
do you have on your licence? Could you afford to loose your licence and still do your job? Your insurance premiums will increase as you will have to
declare them. Our message to you folks would be to slow down. Can you afford to pay such a big fine? Think about the impact that that would have on
you? What if you lost your licence? How would that affect your job, your life? Lets hope that these new fines will encourage us all to stick to the
speed limits and that accidents on our roads are avoided. Ultimately it is about saving lives, so less haste folks!

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