The blog this week is about common problems regarding why your Volvo or Toyota wont start. In this blog we will concentrate on your fuel system. Read on
to find out more:

Fuel systemIf you are having problems starting
your Volvo or Toyota or you find it feels like it is stuttering when you go to accelerate there may be an issue with your fuel. You may also find the
car doesn’t feel smooth and stable but more jerky or you could find that your engine cuts out completely whilst you are driving. Pretty scary when
that happens, don’t panic and stop when it is safe to do so. So what could be causing problems like this? There could be chance that you have water
contamination. In cold weather the water could freeze and block fuel lines with ice. This means that the engine is not receiving the fuel that it requires.
If this is the case you would need to take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage where they will have to ‘flush out’ your system. A
couple of ways of reducing the likely hood of water contamination is to maintain your car in accordance with your service schedule. A well maintained
car is less likely to have problems occur, a neglected or poorly maintained vehicle will end up costing you more money in reactive maintenance and
repairs. You could also try and keep your tank full as opposed to driving around on empty all the time. Any contaminents in the bottom of your tank
are less likely to enter the system. Another way is to add certain additives to reduce the chances of water entering the system. Speak with your local
independent repair garage to see what you can do to maintain the optimum health of your Volvo or Toyota. Happy Motoring Folks!

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