The blog this week is about giving tips to help your Volvo or Toyota to pass it’s MOT. There are visual checks and basic car maintenance items you can do yourself before you bring your vehicle in for its MOT. Between 2018 and 2019, there were 29,560,831 tests, and 26.2% MOT failures. So basically ¼ of all vehicles will fail their MOT. Read below to see our top tips:

Some Items Checked on Your MOT

All Vehicle Lights – front, rear, fog, brake, indicators and your licence plate

When did you last check your lights? In 2018 18% of all MOT failures were due to problems with lights or signalling. You can check the bulbs yourself before you take your Volvo or Toyota in for its MOT and address any issues.

Brakes and handbrake

Is your handbrake working correctly? Does your Volvo or Toyota brakes safely stop your car? These will be tested on the rolling road along with testing the brake fluid. If there are any issues your car will fail its MOT.

Towbar – if you have one

If your towbar on your Volvo or Toyota is loose or damaged it could affect your vehicle’s MOT result. In addition, your engine mountings are checked to ensure they are fastened securely in position.


If your steering is faulty your vehicle will fail its MOT – if you have experienced any issues please seek professional advice – this will not go away on its own so do not ignore the problem. You need to be able to control your vehicle safely.


If your horn does not work or is not very loud then your vehicle will fail it’s MOT.

Electrics & Battery

The MOT Tester will check the battery and the electrics to ensure there are no dangers posed.


If you have an issue with your shock absorbers this could result in an MOT failure.

Tyres & Wheels

We have wriiten may blogs on checking the tyre depth, pressures and condition. Use the 20p method and check the tread depth along with visually checking for worn or bulging tyres. If you notice any issues get your tyres replaced before taking it for its MOT.

Licence plates

Your car could fail its MOT if the licence plate does not conform to the regulations, is damaged or is missing.


The MOT Tester will check all of the seatbelts in your Volvo or Toyota to make sure that they are not damaged and work correctly.

Body, Boot, and Bonnet

If there is excessive rust or damage to the bodywork the MOT Tester may deem it to be dangerous and therefore fail the vehicle.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

If the VIN is missing from your Volvo or Toyota this could result in a MOT failure.

Dashboard & Speedometer

The MOT Tester will check that your speedometer is working correctly along with checking the warning lights are working correctly.

Exhaust & Emissions

The MOT Tester will check the exhaust is working correctly and is securely fitted to the car. You must ensure that there is enough fuel in your Volvo or Toyota so that the tester can carry out the emissions test.

Fuel system & Filler Cap

If your fuel filler cap is missing or damaged this could lead to a failure along with a fuel leak or issue.

Windscreen & Wiper Blades

The MOT Tester will check for cracks and chips in the windscreen, especially those that are in the direct line of vision. They will also check the wiper blades work correctly. If your blades are perished then change them before your MOT. Get chips seen to as soon as they happen to avoid them developing into cracks.

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