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engine warning

The blog this week is about your oxygen (or lambda) sensor on your Volvo or Toyota. Here we will explain the role this part plays in the overall structure
of your Volvo or Toyota and what the possible symptoms are of a failing sensor.

The oxygen sensor in your Volvo or Toyota is mounted in the exhaust manifold and is there to monitor the amount of oxygen in your fuel which in turn regulates
the emission of harmful gases from your vehicle and out into the atmosphere. If the sensor is faulty it cannot transmit via your engine management
system, the fact that more or less oxygen is required to help with your fuel efficiency. The most common signs to look out for of a faulty oxygen sensor
is your engine management light on your dashboard - has this come on? If this happens you will need to take your Volvo or Toyota to your independent
garage where they will hook up your Volvo or Toyota to their software and read the fault codes displayed in the memory to diagnose the fault. Other
signs to look out for include poor fuel mileage – has your Volvo or Toyota started to drink fuel? Or are you experiencing a rough idle? The oxygen
sensors control or contribute to several functions so if the timing is irregular then this could be the culprit. Do not ignore this as it will not
get better on its own. Happy Motoring Folks!

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