Car driver

The blog this week is about some handy tips for all car drivers. We as drivers have most probably encountered at least one of the below
issues. Here are some little tips to alleviate the frustration we can find ourselves in if any of the situations arise. Read below to find out our

Can’t Remember Where You Parked Your Car?

Let’s face it, we have all been there.....Can’t remember where you parked the car! Whether it’s at the supermarket, a multi story car park, theme park
car park, or even at the airport. In the excitement of getting to the terminal and on that plane you totally forget to make a note of where you have
left your car. There are a few ways to protect yourself from roaming aimlessly around getting into a panic that your car may have been stolen. The
majority of us have a smartphone – so you can either take a photo of the isle/row you are in or you can ‘drop a pin’ in your map application to help
you navigate your way back to your car.

Scared to Park in Your Garage?

Let’s face it, some garages that come with modern houses have a garage barely bigger that a shed! However, with car theft on the rise due to modern technology
if you have a garage it is advisable to put your car in there. This will actually lower your insurance premiums also. If you are scared that you will
damage the doors when getting in and out a handy and cheap tip is to get some foam – the type used for lagging pipes. Attach it to the garage wall
at the height of the wide part of your door – this will prevent door damage when the door is opened and help preserve your paint work. Another tip
we have seen making the rounds is to hang a tennis ball from the ceiling so you can gauge when to stop. This can be done in a number of ways – if you
reverse into your garage then hang it so that once you touch it with your rear window you know to stop or if driving in then when it is in line with
your windscreen. It may seem a little silly but an invaluable cheap tool to avoid bumper scuffs. Of course it goes without saying, try and keep your
garage clutter free so you can keep your car safe.

Wrap Your Keys in Foil

There have been more and more cars being reported stolen, from driveways. Expensive modern cars. Thieves now have the technology to read these modern electronic
keys and make a duplicate, get in your car and drive away. See how far away you can be from your car and still open it with your key fob – you will
be surprised – it can be opened through walls, windows and doors – pretty scary stuff eh! One quick and very cheap way of protecting yourself is to
wrap your key in foil so that it cannot be read from outside of your house.

Which Side is Your Fuel Cap On?

If you are someone who regularly drives different vehicles or hires a car often it can get confusing trying to remember which side the fuel cap is on.
On modern cars there will be a little arrow near the fuel gauge indicating which side the fuel cap is on. On older cars it is usually determined by
which side the fuel gauge is on, on you instrument panel. If it is to the left then it is probably on that side. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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