Here at ACC UK Ltd, multi award winning Independent Volvo and Toyota Service, Repair & MOT garage based in
Farnborough, Hampshire, we like to bring you handy hints and tips on how to maintain your Volvo or Toyota and how to save money on your annual car
running costs. We also like to keep you informed of changes to laws relating to driving and car ownership.

The blog this week is about the damage that potholes on our UK roads can cause to our cars. As the cold winter comes to an end and the warm weather starts
our roads are becoming literally covered in potholes. Potholes occur during winter and spring mostly as ice begins to melt and there is a lot more
running water which disrupt the base layers under the tarmac. As your Volvo or Toyota drives over the weak spots that have been created the road starts
to deform resulting in cracks, more and more cars driving over these cracks begin to chips away at the tarmac resulting in the dreaded potholes we
are seeing. The more cars that drive over them the bigger and deeper the hole becomes. So what damage to your Volvo or Toyota can occur? Read below
to find out.

Tyres – If you drive over potholes please check your tyres as soon as possible. The sort of damage you should be looking for is bulges to the side walls
of the tyre – this is not fixable and will require a new tyre. The same applies if you have separated tread. One way to help protect your car is to
ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated – this will help protect your tyres and other parts of your car from damage.

Wheels – check for any cracks, chips or signs of bent wheels. It’s best to do this when the wheels are clean. If in any doubt take your Volvo or Toyota
to your local independent garage for professional inspection as wheel failure at high speed can be fatal!

Suspension – if you find after hitting a pothole that your Volvo or Toyota is pulling to one side, your steering is vibrating or you hear unusual noises it is best to take your car to your
local independent garage for further inspection, you may have damaged your suspension or knocked out the tracking.

Be aware that there are potholes all over the place at the moment so alter your speed accordingly, try not to swerve or slam on your brakes – you must
be mindful of other road users. You may be able to make a claim for damage to your car – contact your local authority and also report the pothole,
keep any receipts for the repair and take photo’s if possible.

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