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Your Brakes Require Regular Attention

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The blog this week is about why you should pay regular attention to your brakes on your Volvo or Toyota. We are often asked “is it really necessary to change the brake discs and pads on my car or can I go a little longer?” If we have advised you that they need changing it is because they really do! They are the single most important safety feature of your car – how else are you going to manage to stop your vehicle? Read on to find out more:

You should never ignore even the simplest of problems related to the brake system on your Volvo or Toyota. If you feel that there is a problem you should seek the advice of your local independent Volvo or Toyota, repair and MOT specialist as soon as possible.  Your failure to act on the early warning signs really could have catastrophic and fatal results to not only you but other road users and pedestrians. See below our Seven Point Brake Checklist. If you notice any of these issues it is time to get your brakes professionally checked by your local independent Volvo and Toyota service, repair and MOT specialists in Farnborough, Hampshire – ACC UK Ltd.

  • Loss of grip on the road when you are braking
  • Your car pulling to the left or right whilst you are braking
  • A soft or low brake pedal
  • If you feel shuddering through your steering wheel when braking
  • If you hear squeals, screeches and high pitched noises when breaking
  • Your brake system warning light flashes on your dashboard
  • Your car takes longer to stop than it normally would

If Your Brake Warning Light Is On....

You either have your handbrake on or you have a serious drop in your brake system’s hydraulic pressure and your brakes may be near total failure – go straight to your local independent Volvo and Toyota garage.

If You Find It Hard to Depress Your Brake Pedal....

If you find it harder than usual to press your brake pedal this could indicate possible frozen callipers or wheel cylinders, damaged brake linings or hydraulic fluid lines may be frozen – go straight to your local independent Volvo and Toyota garage.

If You Find That Your Brake Pedal Feels Spongy......

Take your car to your local independent Volvo and Toyota garage for further investigation – if you are unable to drive your vehicle safely there use the recovery services – do not attempt to drive if you feel unable to safely stop your car.

If You Hear Squealing When You Use The Brake Pedal.....

Any noise such as squealing, screeching, grinding, clattering or banging indicates that your brakes need attention. Take your car to your local independent Volvo and Toyota servicing centre for expert advice and repair.

Your Steering Wheel Has Vibration When Your Braking......

Again this would indicate that you could well have a serious problem – do not ignore these signs – take your vehicle to your local independent Volvo and Toyota garage for a thorough inspection by qualified experts.

Your Car Feels Like It Is Pulling To The Left Or Right When Using Your Brakes......

This could be a simple thing like you have an under-inflated tyre, check your tyre pressures first. If you are still experiencing issues then seek expert advice from your local independent Volvo and Toyota garage.

It’s important to get your brake discs and pads, along with the rest of your braking system, checked fairly regularly to ensure that it’s all running smoothly. So please do not miss your regular annual servicing.

If you have had an advisory on your MOT please do not wait until the next MOT to get it sorted – chances are it won’t last that long. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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