Any motorist who has been stuck in a traffic jam in a hot car during these incredibly hot summer months will know how valuable their car air conditioning system is. 

Not an hour goes by when there isn't a report of congestion and tailbacks on our roads. Did you know that your vehicle's air conditioning system can also help to reduce the levels of pollen present in your vehicles, for those who suffer from hay fever? It is vitally important therefore to ensure that your air conditioning system is full working order during these months of excessive use. 

It is estimated that around 15% of the refrigerant gas in your air conditioning system is lost annually through natural leakage, and more if there is a fault in the system, therefore ideally you should have your car air conditioning system serviced either every 30,000 miles or every two years to help to avoid costly repairs or to find that when you really need that air conditioning system to kick in and work that it does so effectively. 

You should also check that the garage you use is licensed and registered to carry out the necessary re-gas service. All garages and mechanics need to be certified to carry out this work - so check that your local independent garage carries the required accreditation. Excessive use of your air conditioning system will increase the fuel consumption!