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Are Your Tyres Legal & Roadworthy?


Here at ACC UK Ltd, multi award winning Independent Volvo and Toyota Service, Repair & MOT garage based in Farnborough, Hampshire, we like to bring you handy hints and tips on how to maintain your Volvo or Toyota and how to save money on your annual car running costs. We also like to keep you informed of changes to laws relating to driving and car ownership.

The blog this week is about whether the tyres on your Volvo or Toyota are legal and roadworthy. If you are one of those drivers who have had a 6 month MOT extension you will have heard the word roadworthy a lot. Read below to see our top tips:

At the present time due to the current corona virus pandemic cars due their MOT have been given a 6 month MOT extension. It means that if you have taken advantage of this and are continuing to use your Volvo or Toyota the onus is on you to ensure that your car is roadworthy. One of the biggest issues as a garage that we see is tyres with little or no tread. If you are driving your car and have not checked your tyres then we urge you to do so. YOU face a fine of up to £2500 if you are stopped and spot checked. New tyres can be pretty expensive, but it is absolutely essential that you make sure you keep them above the 1.6mm legal minimum tread depth to let surface water slip through. One way of maintaining the health and longevity of your tyres is to ensure they are correctly inflated – this you should be checking every couple of weeks – this will ensure an even wear.

Put a 20p coin (on its edge) into the main grooves of your tyre tread. If the outer rim of the coin is not visible, your tyres are legal. If you can see it, then you must get them changed. You must also check for bulges in the tyre walls and look for signs of uneven wear. If you don’t have your car serviced very often there could be an underlying problem such as damaged coil springs and suspension parts. Please do the sensible thing as a car owner and driver and maintain your MOT and service schedule as preventative maintenance will always be cheaper than reactive repair!
Making sure you have the correct tyre pressures not only helps to maintain your tyres it also helps reduce the amount of petrol you use. Check these regularly to help reduce your motoring costs. Happy Motoring Folks!

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