The blog this week is about performing regular check-ups on your Volvo or Toyota. We may not sound like the most interesting of activities
for some, however regular checks can ensure that the health of your car is maintained, help to keep you on the road for longer and can also save you
money in the long run. This week we will briefly talk about the bulbs - headlights, rear lights, braking lights, hazard lights, indicators and reversing
lights. Read below to find out more.

Your bulbs will need replacing over time – it’s inevitable – they do not last forever. If you get pulled over by the police for bulbs not working one of
four things will happen:

  1. You may get a verbal warning

  2. A fixed penalty notice £60 fine and 3 points on your licence

  3. A Roadside Prohibition Notice – 10 days to fix and a repeat inspection

  4. Your vehicle removed from the road immediately

Therefore it is vitally important that you perform a simple check at least weekly on your lights. It is easy to check your headlights – you can do this
against a wall on your drive. Or rope in the help of a significant other to do a 2 minute walk around of your vehicle whilst you remain inside doing
the brake lights, rear lights high beam, indicators, hazards and reversing lights. It is also wise to check your number plate light too at the same
time. It can be relatively simple to change bulbs – buy some from your local supplier or independent garage and keep them in your glove box. If you
are having any problems changing bulbs – don’t continue to drive with defective lights pop along to your local independent garage where they can help
you – it will be cheaper than facing a fine! Some vehicles will tell you there is a problem with your lights on the dashboard warning light indicator.
Your Volvo or Toyota will fail its MOT if any of the lights are not working. If you notice the same bulb keeps failing there could be a problem with
a fuse or there could be a water or electrical issue somewhere – take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage for investigation. Your
lights are incredibly important for the safety of yourself, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians. Happy Motoring Folks!

Car Lights and bulbs

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