The blog this week is about why the prices of an air con gas recharge are on the rise. You may have noticed that the prices are on the increase, and there
is a very important reason for this – it’s not the garages being greedy and charging more year in year out. Read below to find out more.

Air Con recharge costs rise...

It is advised that you get your Volvo or Toyota Air Con re gassed every 2-3 years. Over the course of time you will naturally loose the gas in the system
so it needs to be re charged to work at optimum levels. This should also be done in a garage that is F Gas Accredited so that they are operating to the required safety standards and staff have been trained accordingly.

The HFC refrigerant (r134a) is the air con gas that is used in the majority of the cars on the roads in the UK, this refrigerant is being phased out by
the EU in stages by reducing the availability. Part of the reason for doing this is to clamp down on Chinese imports but the final aim is to reduce
the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2017 there was an 11% reduction of availability and between 2018-2020 there will be a further reduction in availability of 37% and from 2020 there will
be a further reduction by 50% with the aim of a total phase out by 2030. Because of these limits in availability the price of the gas has rocketed
with some garages reporting that gas they were purchasing last year for £65 is now costing them £400.

Most of the new cars in production today are now using r1234yf which is not subject to the same restrictions but it does cost even more to recharge as
this gas is even more expensive because demand is not as high as there are less vehicles using this gas, however it is thought that over time these
prices will fall as there will be an increase in demand. So for the time being, having your air con re gassed is going to cost an awful lot more than
it has ever done in the past. If you read our previous blogs on how to use your air con properly, hopefully you can extend the life of your air con
system. It would be a total waste of money to simply get your air con system re gassed if you had a leak in the system. If you suspect a leak, ensure
the local independent garage that you take your Volvo or Toyota to performs a leak test first. You should be using your air con throughout the year,
to demist your windows, for example in the winter, to stop the stagnation in the pipes and the bad smell when you use it after a long period of time.
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