The blog this week is about tow bars and the considerations that should be made before purchasing one and fitting it to your Volvo or Toyota. Read below
to find out more.

You may be fortunate enough to have a tow bar fitted to your car already, however there are some considerations you must go through. Firstly, what is the
tow bars intended use? Is it for towing a trailer or perhaps a caravan? Is that tow bar sufficient for pulling the final fully loaded weight you intend
to pull? Car body work can be ripped apart if the weight being pulled is not at the right ratio to the tow bar that is fitted. If in any doubt please
consult your local independent garage for further clarification. You should also ensure that the tow bar that is fitted to the car complies with EU

Should you fit a towbar?

Your second consideration is that you are fully aware of the legal requirements relating to towing. Some of these considerations include having a visible
number plate on whatever is being towed. You should also ensure that the electrics have been hooked up correctly – these include brake lights, reversing
lights, rear lights and indicators so that whomever is behind you can see if you brake or when you intend to move lane or turn into a road etc. There
are major health and safety implications for other road users if this is not done correctly.

Your third consideration is that you can see around whatever it is that you are towing – you may need to fit what is called towing mirrors to your existing
mirrors – this is a relatively simple thing to do but often overlooked. If you are towing a caravan your rear view mirror is rendered useless so to
have your wing mirrors severely compromised also is just downright dangerous.

Your fourth consideration is that of, are you legally allowed to tow on the driving licence that you currently hold. If in any doubt please contact the
DVLA for clarification.

When it comes to fitting a tow bar to your Volvo or Toyota you can do this yourself, however it may be prudent to instead pay an extra bit of money and
get your local independent garage to fit it on your behalf. It normally takes between an hour to two hours to fit a tow bar so that will give you an
indication as to how much you are likely to be charged if you know the hourly rate of your local garage. That way you know it has been fitted correctly
by a professional which will give you peace of mind. Happy Motoring Folks!

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