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you handy hints and tips on how to maintain your Volvo or Toyota and how to save money on your annual car running costs. We also like to keep you informed
of changes to laws relating to driving and car ownership.

Shock Absorbers

The blog this week is about the role your shock absorbers play and the issues to look out for that indicate there could be a problem and they may need
changing. If you travel on long journeys and you find yourself reaching your destination suffering discomfort or pain it may be time to investigate
your suspension and shock absorbers. Read below to find out more.

So, what do shock absorbers look like? They look like springs with a solid bar through the centre. They work by compressing and releasing as your Volvo
or Toyota goes over the road surface ensuring that the weight is kept in the centre at all times. However, as with many of the cars parts, over time
the shock absorbers will wear and show signs of damage.

So how can you tell if your shock absorbers are compromised? One obvious sign is that you may feel resistance when going round a corner – like your Volvo
or Toyota wants to pull in the opposite direction. Another sign to look out for is uneven tyre wear. Worn shock absorbers can increase your braking
distances by around 20%. This could be catastrophic to you, your passengers and other road users. This problem will not go away without action – get
your Volvo or Toyota booked in with your local independent garage for further investigation. The longer that you leave it, the more damage that can
be caused to other parts of your vehicle, resulting in a larger repair bill. Happy safe motoring folks!

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