The blog this week is about the importance of checking your fluid levels regularly and how to perform
these tasks safely, handy tips for all car drivers. The fluids we will cover in this blog are your engine coolant, engine oil, power
steering fluid, brake fluid and your screen wash. Read below to find out our tips:

Engine coolant

The job of engine coolant is to do as it name suggests – keeping your engine operating at the correct temperature to avoid over heating. You must only
check your coolant when the engine is cold, removing the cap when the engine is hot is incredibly dangerous and can result in scalding and burns. Remove
the cap slowly as pressure will be released. Check the levels and top up if required. It is always handy to carry a bottle of coolant in the boot-
you never know when you may need it! This task takes no more than 5 minutes of your time and coolant can be purchased either from your local independent
garage, petrol station and even is some larger supermarkets. It costs a couple of quid but could save you thousands in comparison to experiencing the
damage caused to the engine if your Volvo or Toyota overheats!

Engine Oil

The role of engine oil is to lubricate all the moving parts within the engine and keeping these parts cool as the lubrication from the oil means there
is less friction. This means you’re less likely to have expensive repair bills if you maintain the oil levels and regularly servicing will ensure that
fresh oil is put through the engine regularly. Again, check this level when your Volvo or Toyota engine is cool and your car is parked on a flat surface,
you will need a rag to clean your dip stick. If your engine oil is below the line top it up. Again a five minute job and a few quid will save you a
lot from expensive repair bills.

engine oil

Power steering fluid

If your Volvo or Toyota has power steering, you will normally find the fluid vessel for the system at one end of the power steering belt. Some of these
vessels are translucent, some contain a dipstick underneath the cap. If the level is low then be sure to add the power steering fluid slowly, if you
are in any doubt pop along to your local independent garage for advice.

Brake fluid

You can normally find the brake fluid vessel on the driver's side, at the back of the engine. If in any doubt check your owners manual.

If the brake fluid level is below the full line, top it up slowly with the correct kind of fluid for your Volvo or Toyota. If you are unsure please just
pop along to your local independent garage.

Windscreen washer fluid

You will be using your windscreen wash a lot during the winter months due to the salt on the roads etc. You really must keep an eye on this and top it
up regularly. The bottle is normally found near the windscreen. It is always handy to carry screen wash in your boot, if you don’t have any to hand
you can use tap water, but it may freeze in very cold temperatures so try not to top up regularly with tap water.

Happy Motoring Folks!

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