The blog this week is about some handy tips for all car drivers. In order to ensure that your Volvo or Toyota is running at its optimum
best, regular maintenance is essential. By ensuring that your car is well maintained you can rest assured that it is safe on the roads, is performing
fuel efficient and when it comes to selling it on you are ensuring that you achieve optimum re sale levels. So what should you be doing in between
your annual servicing and MOT to maintain your car and reduce expensive repair and breakdown bills?
Read below to find out our tips:

  1. Tyre Health – having correctly inflated tyres means that your tyres last longer – eliminating uneven wear – you should also ensure that you adhere
    to the minimum tread depth – 1.6mm. If you are unsure how to measure this use the 20p method. Correctly inflated tyres means your engine is not
    working as hard and you have better fuel efficiency. Your tyres keep you on the road – they are a massive safety feature of your car- look after

  2. Brake Health – When you had your MOT did it state that your pads and discs required attention in the foreseeable
    future? Did you ensure that you went back to your local independent garage and get them changed? You should be checking your brakes monthly – looking
    at the discs and pads and taking action to ensure that they are fine – they are the only thing that will stop your car in an emergency! Check your
    brake fluid regularly and top up if required.

  3. Your Filters – you can change your filters yourself – if you are unsure then seek the help of your local independent garage – regular servicing at
    a garage will ensure that your filters are changed in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and your service book will be stamped appropriately
    –maintaining any warranties and helping to hold the re sale value of your Volvo or Toyota.

  4. Fluid Levels – as per previous blogs – please check your fluid levels regularly – these include coolant, oil, brake and power steering fluids. Checking
    these fluids should be down when the car is on a flat surface and when the engine is cool. It takes no more than 10 minutes but can save a lot
    of money of expensive repair bills should they run dry!

  5. Battery Health – if you are having trouble starting your car in the mornings then your battery may need to be replaced – the general life span of a
    car battering is around 5 years. There may be other issues such as the alternator or starter motor – if in any doubt please take your car to your
    local independent garage for inspection. If you do change your Volvo or Toyota battery please ensure that you dispose of it in the correct manner.

  6. Cam Belt – please do not ever miss this service in your schedule – they degenerate over time – it can’t be avoided. Make sure that yours is replaced
    at the allocated time stipulated in your owners’ manual. If it were to snap whilst you are driving the damage to the engine could be incredibly
    expensive to rectify. You can check the condition of it regularly looking for signs of wear.

  7. Wash and Wax Your Car Regularly- If you wash your car regularly not only is your car aesthetically pleasing to look at but you also keep parts like
    headlights, brake lights and number plates clean – safety rules!!! By looking after the body work you are helping to protect the paintwork and
    you can spot any signs of corrosion early to enable you to act quickly. During the winter months with all the salt and grit on the roads our vehicles
    can become dirty very quickly. Salt is not something you want to leave on your paintwork for long! Look after your Volvo or Toyota and it will
    look after you! Happy safe motoring folks!

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