The blog this week is about some handy tips for all car drivers during the very unpredictable weather we have during the winter months here in the UK. When we say unpredictable we mean,
one minute it can be gloomy, the next it can be blue skies and glaring low sun. Then we can have snow and sleet or roads that seem they are like ice
skating rinks. Then we could have deep dense fog, mist and rain! We as drivers have to be prepared for all weather eventualities. Read below to find
out our tips:

Firstly make sure your car is prepared – check all your fluid levels, brakes, lights, battery, wipers, heater, air con, tyres and tyre pressures. You can
do all of these things yourself – have a read through our blogs to see what and how to check. Alternatively you can take your car to your local independent repair garage and book in for a winter health check.

If you have any chips or cracks on your windscreen it is advisable to get them repaired or your windscreen replaced. The cold temperatures can cause these
chips to expand and then in turn lead to cracks which are not repairable. Your insurance company should be able to assist you regarding chips – you
see many chip repair stations at supermarket car parks – get them seen to as a matter of priority.

Winter driving

Make sure before embarking on any journeys – especially those to unfamiliar places or of a long nature that you check the weather and road conditions.
Ensure you have a winter emergency kit in the boot of your car. The sorts of things that you should keep in your car are screenwash, de icer, ice scraper,
torch, coat, blanket, high vis vest, warning triangle, phone charger, sun glasses (in the car), road map, shovel, snacks, water. You never know when
you may need them. Especially if you are stuck on a motorway during snow and ice.

Remember, there will be many untreated roads, you cannot see black ice – less haste is what is required. Drive with caution. If you find yourself in a
skid, do not panic, reduce the pressure on your accelerator, steer towards where you want your Volvo or Toyota to go, reducing speed gently whilst
tapping gently on the brakes. Do not stomp on your brakes in an aggressive manner this will not help. If unsure about driving in extreme conditions
then don’t. Stay off the roads if you can. Employers are very understanding.

Be safe out there folks!

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