The blog this week is about driving in floods. With the incredibly hot and dry summer that we have encountered you will find that there is a lot more surface
water when it rains. This is because the grounds are so dry the rain is sitting on the surface and taking a lot longer to sink in. As the leaves start
to fall they can block drains and if there is no place for the water to go it will build up on the roads. So our blog as we move into Autumn and Winter
is what to do when faced with flooding whilst out in your car. Read below to find out more.

Driving in Floods

It can be incredibly difficult to gauge the depth of the water, plus you have the added issue of not knowing what the road condition is actually like under
the water. If you are not happy about walking through it or you can’t walk through it then generally the best thing is not to drive through it. The
problem with driving through flooded roads is the possibility of water being sucked into your exhaust pipe or the air intake on your Volvo or Toyota.
If this happens then your car will probably stall and you may damage your engine. If this happens then you will find yourself facing an incredibly
expensive repair bill.

If you decide that it is safe to proceed (water no more than halfway up your wheels and not fast moving) then ensure that you are in a low gear and proceed
slowly but steadily ideally through the centre where hopefully the water will be at its lowest. Do NOT follow the person in front of you. If you follow
directly behind someone and they suddenly encounter a problem or stall then you are stuck behind them in the water. Take it in turns with oncoming
traffic, don’t forget that if you are both coming through the water together the water will be sent sideways onto each others cars causing a potential
problem. Once you have safely negotiated the flood check your brakes are ok by using them several times before increasing speed and going forward with
your journey. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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