The blog this week is about some of the bad driving habits that you may have adopted that are detrimental to the health of your Volvo or Toyota. These
tips are here to prolong the health of your Volvo or Toyota and to save you money on what can only be described as avoidable repairs. Read below to
find out more.

Bad Habit number 1: Do not rev the engine of your Volvo or Toyota when it is cold – revving it unnecessarily when it is cold will cause
engine wear prematurely which in turn will result in costly repairs. At the same time do not rag your engine. Change gears smoothly and a little earlier,
that way you reduce the strain on the engine, have a smoother ride and have better fuel economy. The less stress on the engine means it will give you
many more years of motoring before needing to be replaced.

Bad Habit number 2: Don’t ignore those dashboard warning lights – they are there to alert you to a potential problem. Sticking your head
in the sand and hoping they will go away will not happen – take your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage for investigation. They have
the diagnostics to identify what the problem is and then can advise you of the solution and any associated costs. Ignoring warning lights will only
end up more costly to YOU in the long run. Take a look at our blogs about the different warning lights.

Bad Habit number 3: Do not rest your hand on your gear stick, you could be applying pressure to the gear selector fork which in turn will
result in premature wear to your transmission. Keep your hands on the steering wheel! Replacing the gearbox in your Volvo or Toyota will be pretty
expensive and totally avoidable!

Bad Habit number 4: Use your brakes correctly. In that we mean, don’t use your brakes late which result in you stomping on them last minute.
Do not ride your brakes downhill either. Move to a lower gear going downhill. You will find that you need to replace your brake pads, disks and even
your tyres much sooner than anticipated, resulting in you spending more money. Do not use your gears to slow down and break – you are putting additional
pressure on your clutch and gearbox unnecessarily, resulting in the possibility of having to replace them prematurely, again costing YOU more money.

Bad Habit number 5: Do not overload your Volvo or Toyota – consult your owners’ manual for load levels. A heavier car puts additional strain on various components
including the suspension. Also de clutter your car – if you are not off to play golf then do not keep your clubs in the car. Additionally remove roof
boxes when not in use. Have a look at our previous blog about fuel economy – a heavier car uses more fuel – which costs YOU more money.

Bad Habit number 6: Ensure that you have come to a complete stop before shifting from reverse gear to forward gear or vice versa. You
will be putting way more stress and pressure on your gear box than you need to. Look after your gearbox they are pretty expensive to replace!

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