ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Independent Garage of the Year 2015, Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award & The Eagle Radio Customer Focus Business
2017 Award, are Servicing, Repair & MOT Specialists based in the heart of Farnborough, Hampshire. We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining
your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about how often you should service your Volvo or Toyota. We say that you should
follow the manufacturers’ guidelines in your service book. Each car is different, of course if you are doing lots of motorway driving your service
schedule will happen upon you fast, some people may find that they are servicing their Volvo or Toyota every 6 months. This regular car servicing is
vital in helping to maintain the car and engine. If you miss a service then this can invalidate any warranty you may have. If you fit parts that are
not genuine, again these will invalidate your warranty.

Volvo Servicing

You must also remember when purchasing a new car that just because you do not need to MOT your car for the first 3 years you must still carry out the required
servicing. A fully serviced car will not only reduce breakdowns but will also help you to gain a maximum resale price. It is worth noting that if you
are looking to purchase a new Volvo or Toyota to investigate the costs of
the servicing at a local independent garage before you purchase a servicing plan – you may find that it is cheaper to take your car to an independent

At the end of the day, filters only have a certain shelf life before they break down and cease doing their job, they need replacing regularly along with
things like oil and other fluids which can become contaminated over time. A regularly serviced car will run more efficiently and have better performance
as the engine is not being compromised by broken or ineffective parts.

Here at ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Motor Trader Independent Garage of The Year 2015, The Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award and The Eagle Radio
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