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We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about the owners’ manual on your Volvo or Toyota. Hands up, those of you that have actually taken the time to read through your owners’
manual? We would hazard a guess that not many of you have consulted it other than to possibly find out what one of the dashboard lights means or how
to set the radio etc? We agree it’s not exactly bedtime reading but if you familiarise yourself with your manual you could get so much more from your
Volvo or Toyota. We have one customer that owned their car for a whole year before they discovered they actually had a CD player in their car!

There is so much information in your owners’ manual. Things like how to check your tyre pressures, how to jump start your car, how to change your tyre,
how to check the various fluid levels and how to set your Volvo or Toyota up in the first instance are just some of the things covered. With the emergence
of new technology on a somewhat daily basis we are often unaware of what gadgets and gizmo’s our vehicles have. Taking a look through your owners’
manual will help you quickly familiarise yourself with its features. Can you imagine not having to scrape ice off your windscreen on discovering you
had a heated front window? We had a customer once that had absolutely no idea that they had a heated windscreen for years!

Checking your fluid levels should be a regular thing. You should not leave it to your local independent garage during your routine servicing. Taking a
look at your manual will enable you to familiarise yourself with your make and model of vehicle and where to locate your washer bottle, oil, brake
fluids etc and keep an eye on them. As said so many times in previous blogs checking these levels regularly will help to maintain the health of your
engine and also help you to spot a problem early.

You should be regularly checking not just the condition of your tyres but also the tyre pressures. Your owners’ manual will help you to do this and give
ideal tyre pressure information to you to help you maintain the longevity of your tyres and ensure you have good fuel consumption.

If you car is brand new then you must adopt a certain driving style during its ‘break in’ period. Ensure you read your manual and have the correct advice
for optimum best driving practice. I guess you could liken it to breaking in a new pair of shoes!

So, take a look at your owners’ manual for your Volvo or Toyota, information is King we say. The better informed you are the more you will get out of your
Volvo or Toyota. Looking after your Volvo or Toyota will ensure many years of driving pleasure. Happy Motoring Folks!

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