The blog this week is about how often you should change the oil in your Volvo or Toyota. Traditionally you should change your oil at around 3,000 miles
or every 6 months. However due to improvements with engines and indeed oils over the years the school of thought is that these ideas could be outdated.
Fully synthetic oils have been designed to last longer than mineral oils so the school of thought with modern engines is that the oil change can be
performed from 5,000 up to 10,000 miles. Our recommendation is that you consult your Volvo or Toyota owners’ manual and adhere to their recommendations.
Of course you should bear in mind the operating conditions of your vehicle and your driving habits.

For example if you are towing a trailer or carrying things in a roof box this would be deemed as severe conditions, along with regular short trips of less
than 5 miles (10miles in very cold conditions), frequent urban driving in hot weather and driving less than 50 miles per hour over long distances.
These sort of driving conditions will cause the oil to degenerate quicker.

Oil Change

Oil plays an incredibly important role in the health of your engine. It needs to lubricate all of the moving parts at the same time as keeping them cool.
Over time oil will become contaminated and will not perform to optimum efficiency. Having your oil changed at your annual service may not be enough.
It is possible to book in for an oil change in between your annual service. We recommend that you also change your oil filter at the same time. This
type of service is way more cost effective (Preventative Maintenance) than any of the countless possibilities that may be required if your engine oil
does not do its job. The most expensive one being.....replacing the engine! So take a few moments to consult your owners manual and make sure that
you are aware when your engine oil change is due for your Volvo or Toyota.

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