The blog this week is about finding ways to try and reduce the costs of car insurance. So feel free to have a read of our top tips and see if you can implement
any of them to help to bring your annual insurance costs down for your Volvo or Toyota, or any car for that matter.

Save money

Firstly we say you should shop around when it is time to renew your policy. Insurance companies tend to offer really competitive insurance quotes to attract
new customers and then hope that existing customers just automatically renew. Have a look on one of the comparison websites to see what quotes come
back. If you really do not want to change your insurer then give them a call with your cheapest like for like quote and see if they are willing to
match it. 

Secondly, make sure that you are quoting your correct annual mileage when taking out cover – it will always be more expensive the more miles that you do
so make sure you understand how many miles you do per year – check your last MOT certificate if you are not sure as the mileage will be recorded on

When shopping for insurance you may find that fully comprehensive cover comes out cheaper than third party fire and theft. Do some comparisons you may
be surprised!

Putting a named driver on your policy may reduce your premiums because car sharing is reducing the risk. However as a parent do not ever be tempted to
take out insurance on your childs’ car and then have them as a named driver – this is illegal!

Having a black box fitted as a young driver can also reduce your insurance and encourages safer driving habits.

Having a higher excess on your insurance will also reduce your insurance – however do not be tempted to set it too high as you may find yourself in some
financial difficulty in the event of a claim.

After five years of claim free driving it is advisable to protect your no claims bonus, it may cost you a little more money to protect it however over
time as you continue to build up the no claims bonus it will save you money in the longer term as insurance premiums will reduce.

If you pay for your insurance monthly there will be interest added on – if at all possible pay for your insurance up front for the year.

The security of your car will help to reduce premiums, parking in a garage over night for example would reduce the premiums or parking on a drive as opposed
to the road will also reduce the premiums. Things like immobilisers and trackers will also help to reduce the premium.

Changing your policy mid way through may attract what insurance companies deem an administration fee for changes. You may need to think about that when
purchasing a new car and possibly changing your car around the time your insurance is up for renewal may be a safer bet – as you could lose out on
a whole year of no claims bonus.

Happy safe motoring folks!!!!

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