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How To Jump Start Your Car

Jump start you car
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The blog this week is about how to correctly jump start your Volvo or Toyota. Many car owners have never had to jump start a car before and when faced with the prospect do not know how to correctly carry out the procedure. It is also worth noting that some cars should not be jump started. Modern cars today have so many computers that could get damaged during the procedure. It is advisable to check your owners manual before doing it. Read on to find out more: 

Always carry a set of jump leads in your car you never know when you or someone you know is going to need to use them. It would be worth noting that a set of jump leads with inbuilt surge protection would be a better investment. 

  1. Determine that the battery is dead. If you turn the ignition and the lights, windscreen wipers and radio do not work then that normally means you have a dead or weak battery and it needs to be jump started.
  2. Find a car which is in good working order and will be able to jump start your car.
  3. Park the booster car so that the bonnets of both cars are opposite each other, but are not touching.
  4. Open the bonnets of both cars and determine where the batteries of both cars are. You may need to wipe the battery clean with a rag so that you can determine which is the positive and negative terminal. (N.B. Be careful with the booster car as the battery may be hot)
  5. Make sure that both cars engines are off. Take your jump leads and attach the red jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead car. If you cant see, the positive terminal is it normally slightly larger than the negative terminal.
  6. Take the other end of the red cable and attach it to the positive terminal on the booster car.
  7. Then take the black jumper cable and attach it to the negative (black lead) terminal on the booster cars battery.
  8. Attach the other end of the black jumper cable to any solid metal part on the cars engine. (You may get a little spark when you attach this – it is normal.)
  9. Turn on the booster car and rev the engine let it run for a minute.
  10. Then turn on the dead car. If the engine still doesn’t start then you may have a loose connection at any of the 4 of the cable ends. Turn off the engine, jiggle the cable ends about and make sure that they are attached to a metal terminal.
  11. Try and restart the cars again.
  12. Once the dead car is running, you need to disconnect the cables. Do this in reverse order, remove the negative, negative then the positive, positive.
  13. Keep the dead car running for at least 20 minutes, it is best to take it for a long drive to give the battery a chance to recharge.

If you attempt to jump start a car which should not be jump started and damage occurs in its components this will void your warranty so please please check first. If your Volvo or Toyota has warning lights on the dash after being jump started there is a good chance that an electrical component has been damaged or has sensed a change in the electrical supply. You must take your vehicle to your local independent garage for further inspection by a qualified mechanic. The worst case scenario of gum starting a vehicle which should not be jump started is a damaged ECU which will leave the car un-driveable. A very expensive outcome for not checking the owners manual before hand. It is advisable to get you car checked out at your local independent garage to ensure that there is nothing untoward going on which is causing your battery to drain, ie faulty electrics can sometimes cause batteries to drain. For example we have seen customers whose car boot light has been on unbeknown to them and has then drained the battery down - faults like these can be remedied quite quickly. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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