Car Value

The blog this week is about maintaining the resale value of your Car. There are a few basic, but in our opinion, fundamental tips for ensuring the resale
value of your vehicle. These tips not only ensure that your car is kept in great condition but when it comes to the time you are in the market for
a new car you get the top market value for your old one. Read below to find out more.

Firstly, maintain your service schedule. We cannot stress the importance of ensuring
that you get your car serviced regularly. This will reduce the expensive repair bills as preventative maintenance is always going to be cheaper than
reactive maintenance. Ignoring those dashboard warning lights will not make the problem go away, it will only make it worse. Car ownership is an expensive
business but do not cut corners on your servicing. Using Independent Garages will ALWAYS be cheaper than using a dealership.

Our second tip is to refrain from smoking in your vehicle. Not only is the smell foul but you risk damaging the upholstery. Both of these issues are expensive
to rectify. Private buyers will be put off when viewing especially if they are non smokers and dealerships and those organisations who buy cars will
offer you in the region of 20-30% less than the market value because of this.

Our third tip is to avoid carrying pets in the car, the smell of wet dog in a car can be a nightmare to remove when it comes to re selling your car – potential
buyers will see £ signs at the thought of having to have the interior cleaned professionally. You may want to consider this yourself before putting
your car on the market. An air freshner just wont cut it!

Our final tip is to clean your car regularly – interior and exterior. A regular wash, polish, wax and vacuum will keep your car in great condition plus
if you have any issues you will spot them straight away such as bodywork issues like rust and dents and spilt food and drink and get them seen to quickly.
A well maintained vehicle will always appeal to buyers. One that looks neglected sets off alarm bells and puts off potential buyers.

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