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Saving Fuel Whilst Driving On The Motorway

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The blog this week is about saving fuel whilst driving on the motorway. Fuel tends to burn more quickly when you are driving at higher speed. With fuel prices on the rise at the moment, saving money and making that tank of fuel go a little further will make a huge difference over the course of the year The blog will offer helpful tips and advice on getting the best fuel economy from your Volvo or Toyota whilst driving on our motorways. Read on to find out more:

Cut your Speed

Driving underneath the speed limit is one of the best forms of fuel economy, especially on the motorway. Generally speaking, the faster your drive, the more fuel you are burning. If you drive at 55 miles per hour, you will save considerably more fuel than if you are motoring at 65 miles per hour or above.

Although most car manufacturers tend to suggest that the optimum speed for fuel efficiency is between 50 and 60 miles per hour, but in actual fact, it is often below 40 miles per hour. However, there will often be situations in which driving at this speed is not safe, for example, if you are travelling below 40 miles per hour on a busy motorway in which the majority of drivers are travelling considerably above this then this will be dangerous - so please don’t drive on the motorway at such low speeds - unless of course the weather permits it!

Using your cruise control (if you have one) on the motorway can help to maintain a steady speed. This can also aid smooth driving, as you are less likely to need to apply pressure to the brakes to slow down if your speed increases too much. The main advantage though is the fact that it will maintain a steady speed without using too much fuel.

Drive Smoothly

Driving smoothly is an advisable form of motoring at the best of times, but this is especially true if you are looking to save fuel. This involves smooth acceleration and braking (no sharp reactions on either - anticipating the road ahead and paying attention can allow you to remove your foot from the accelerator and slow down naturally without the need to automatically use your break pedal - saving wear and tear on your brakes), and changing gear as and when you need to (rather than continuing at a lower gear than you actually need because you think that it will save fuel). Anticipating and being aware of potential hazards before they pose a problem is an important part of maintaining a smooth driving style.

Check Tyre Pressures

Keeping a close eye on your car's tyre pressures whenever you fill up with fuel is a good idea - if you can’t manage to do this weekly at least do it monthly. We have written so many blogs regarding looking after your tyres and how to check your tyre pressure. If your tyres are just 2 psi below their correct pressure, your fuel consumption can increase by 1%. Although you might think that this won't necessarily make a huge difference to your yearly fuel costs, it will all soon start to add up when you are clocking up the miles on a motorway. Not to mention the added costs of having to replace your tyres much earlier than normally required because of uneven wear and tear. If you are unsure as to what your correct tyre pressures should be consult your owner’s manual or pop into your local independent garage for advice. 

Remove Roof Racks

Take the roof rack off your car when you don't need to use it. This will help to reduce drag, which affects fuel consumption on motorways in particular. Also remove excess items from the boot of your car - no point in driving around with a heavier car if it’s not required.

Fuel economy is a prominent part of motoring on a budget. Following a few simple tips can help to save fuel and cut fuel costs. In general, saving fuel on the motorway is not a lot different to saving fuel on any other type of road, as the same basic motoring rules apply. See our many previous blogs for tips on making your car more fuel efficient and motoring on a budget. Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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