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Setting Off For A Staycation?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The blog this week is about the things you should check before setting off for a staycation or the day trips over the summer in your Volvo or Toyota. It is essential to be prepared and to ensure that your car is road trip ready! Read on to find out more:

It's vital that your tyres, battery, coolant, wiper blades, screen wash and lightbulbs are in great shape so your journey is hassle free. No one wants to break down or be caught short at the side of the motorway.  Especially when they are things that you can easily check at home.


When did you last check your tyres? You should be checking the tyre tread depth, condition and tyre pressures – preferably a few days before your trip so that you have time to rectify any issues before the big day! We have written plenty of blogs about tyres – but if in any doubt please you’re your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage where they will be happy to check them.

'Check your tyre pressure before setting off on a road trip. Look at the tyre pressure label in your car or handbook as you might need to change the pressure for when your car is fully loaded, and then drop it back down when you're back to normal.'

Car Battery

If your Volvo or Toyota seems sluggish when starting the car you should probably get this checked out by your local independent garage before you leave for your trip. You really don’t want to be left stranded with a flat battery or a problem starter motor.

Coolant & Oil

When did you last check your coolant levels? Coolant stops the radiator overheating in summer. Whilst checking your coolant levels you should also check your oil level. Oil is like the blood in your engine it keeps all the moving parts lubricated and free from friction. Therefore it's of paramount importance that you check your levels before setting off to avoid engine damage or breakdowns on a sweltering day.

Wiper Blades & Screen Wash

British weather can be unpredictable - so be prepared for downpours as well as bright sunshine. Discovering your windscreen wipers aren't working as they should just as it starts a downpour whilst you are driving along the motorway can be scary as well as downright dangerous. At the same time as checking your wiper blades work properly, are not smearing your vision and are not damaged you should also top up your screen wash levels. When the sun has been around for a while it can get pretty dusty and long journeys will result in lots of squished bugs on the windscreen. 

Check All Your Bulbs

Check all your bulbs are working – headlights, rear lights, brake lights, number plate lights, indicators etc – its important that you can see and be seen. Not to mention fines if you are pulled over with defective lights. If you don’t know how to change your bulbs please speak with your local independent garage.

Check Your Brakes

When did you last check your brakes? Hope you didn’t ignore an advisory from the garage as to when they may need replacing? These are the things that will help you stop in an emergency – make sure that they are fit for purpose! If you have any noise coming from the car when you brake – please take it to your local independent garage for inspection!  

Air Con Working?

Who wants to be stuck in traffic on a boiling hot day with no air con? No one we are sure! Check your air con works a few days before you are due to embark on your trip – if you have skipped a service recently it may be that your filters may need changing or you need a re gas – please take it to a reputable place who can also check for any leaks – no point just performing a re gas without checking to see if everything else is ok! Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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