The blog this week is about some of the driving hazards during spring. We have put together some tips to keep you and your family safe. Read on to find
out more:

Spring driving

Well Spring has officially arrived, however with it comes all sorts of driving hazards and differing weather conditions! It is therefore important to understand
that each season change brings different driving conditions and hazards we should be aware of and alter our driving to suit the conditions.

Potholes – we seem to spend our lives avoiding potholes. After cold winter conditions there will be even more of them springing up on our roads. After
heavy spring showers, these potholes will be full of water making them even more difficult to spot of judge the depth of them. Hitting one can lead
to all sorts of damage including suspension damage, punctured tyre, bent wheel rim, poor wheel alignment and even damage to your Volvo or Toyota exhaust
system. Do not drive too closely to the car in front so you can see the danger ahead. Slow down and try not to swerve to miss the pothole as you may
hit oncoming traffic! One way of minimising damage is to ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated. You should be checking these weekly/fortnightly.
It doesn’t take long but could save a lot of money and headaches!

Be mindful of the low glare of the sun – carry a pair of sunglasses in your Volvo or Toyota and be prepared for sudden spring showers. Slow down and adapt
your driving. The road can become very slippery quite quickly. Less haste and more care!

Be mindful that there may be more bike and motorcycle users on the road now we have lighter mornings and evenings – give them plenty of space and always
double check your blind spots twice!

Finally, with spring emerging, so do the animals. Be extra vigilant in rural areas. Deer are at their most active during dusk and dawn – watch your speed!
Happy Motoring Folks!

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