The blog this week is about one of the many reasons that your Toyota or Volvo may not start. This week we will concentrate on the carburettor. It is worth noting that modern cars will not experience this problem as they are not fitted with
a carburettor. If your car is 30 years or older then read on.

So what is the role of the Carburettor? Well they regulate the mixing of fuel and air and are susceptible to icing up in cold weather conditions. What
happens is the nozzles on the carburettor can become blocked with ice, resulting in an engine that will not start. If you do manage to get your Volvo
or Toyota started it in all probability will not run well.


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What we recommend is that you depress the clutch at the same time as pressing gently on your accelerator pedal when you go to start your Volvo or Toyota
in cold weather conditions. By doing this you are putting a little fuel into the system to help your engine to start. If you have a car that is over
30 years old we congratulate you for looking after it. If you are in any doubt as to what could be causing your car to experience starting problems
seek the help of your local independent garage. Happy Motoring folks!

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