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your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about the brakes on your Volvo or Toyota. When did you last check them? Was there an advisory on your last MOT? Your brakes are part
of your MOT, but it is wise to remember that an MOT only means that it is safe on that particular day. It is not an indication that your brakes will
last until the next MOT. It is important to remember that your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Your brakes are what stops
your Volvo or Toyota, what helps you to avoid an accident.

Have you noticed any of the following whilst driving your Volvo or Toyota?

Are they squealing or making a noise when you use them? Have you noticed that it is taking longer to stop your Volvo or Toyota? If so, it is time to get
your Volvo or Toyota to your local independent garage. Ignoring these warning signs could lead to other components within your braking system to become
damaged also which in turn will cost you more money to replace not to mention the fact that you are risking not being able to stop your vehicle in
an emergency.

Check your brakes

How long your brakes last is wholly determined by the amount of miles you travel and how often you use your brakes. For example if you do a lot of short
runs around town you will use your brakes more often than someone who does a lot of motorway driving. Those who do more motorway driving may find that
their brake pads could last for 40,000 miles compared to those of you who use your Volvo or Toyota mainly for town driving, you could find that your
brake pads last only around 20,000 miles. People who use their gears to slow down more naturally will maintain brakes over those who stomp on their
brakes to slow down. So have a think about your driving style as you could help to preserve your brakes which in turn will help to save you some money.
It is important to maintain your servicing schedule so that your brakes can be checked, you will be advised by your local independent garage whether
your brakes need attention or how much life they have left in them. Happy safe motoring folks!

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