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Why Can I Smell Burning Rubber?

Tyre Smoke
Photo by JOHN BEARBY IMAGES on Unsplash

The blog this week is what the potential issues may be if you can smell burning rubber when you are in your Volvo or Toyota. Everyone is trying to save money at the moment, interest rates are rising, fuel bills are rising, food costs are soaring etc but it is imperative that you do not ignore this issue as a more costly problem may arise if no action is taken. Read on to find out more:

When you can smell burning rubber we advise that you seek the expertise of a qualified motor vehicle technician at your local independent garage straight away. There are lots of reasons that you could be smelling this but ignoring it will not make it go away. For example:

  1. Burning fuse - A burnt fuse might be the cause of an odd burning smell coming from a vehicle's air conditioner that disappears after a short period.
  2. Melting hoses  - A car's engine relies on multiple hoses to work properly. The hoses slacken and occasionally detach over time as the vehicle works. When you accelerate, your Volvo or Toyota may smell like burned rubber. This can also lead to an emissions test failure on your next MOT.
  3. Worn out drive belt - The drive belt gives power to several parts of the vehicle. This generates heat, which may cause the drive belt to burn. If you can hear a squeal, something is wrong. Seek professional advice before the problem becomes an expensive repair that could have been avoided.
  4. Oil leaks in the engine - If your car smells like burnt rubber under the bonnet, it might be due to an oil leak.
  5. Worn-out clutch - If you are having issues changing gear i.e. the gears grind, a burning smell might result. If the problem persists, you should take your car to your local independent garage for investigation.  Happy Safe Motoring Folks!

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