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The blog this week is about the repercussions for those teaching learner drivers whilst using a mobile phone. Read below to find out more.

It is understood that there are drivers across the UK that are breaking the law without even realising, by using their mobile phone whilst in the passenger
seat. The March 2017 changes in the law were made for increased safety, which basically states that if a motorist is supervising a
learner driver then they are subject to the same 6 penalty points and £200 fine if they are caught using their phone whilst in the passenger seat.
This law applies to, both the professional driving instructor or the friend or family member which may be carrying out the supervision. This is because
the person who is a qualified driver is seen as the person that is in control of the vehicle. To be perfectly honest, you should be concentrating on
your tuition of the learner driver, not concerned with your mobile phone. Also, under the new laws any new driver can have their licence revoked if
they get 6 penalty points within their first two years of driving – in previous years this was 12 penalty points. Reports show that despite the new
laws, and the widespread promotion of them, drivers are still flouting the law with an estimated 30,000 drivers caught for mobile phone offenses. The
law states that a driver is legally allowed to pull over to make or receive a phone call but that the engine must be switched off and that it is a
safe place to park. You may use a hand held device to make a GENUINE emergency 999 call BUT only if it is totally unsafe to stop and make the call.
Please be aware of the laws, you really have to be a wally not to know that you should not be using your mobile phone whilst driving. Be safe out there

Know the Law

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