ACC UK Ltd, Winners of The Independent Garage of the Year 2015, Inspire Customer Service Excellence 2016 Award & The Eagle Radio Customer Focus Business
2017 Award, are Servicing, Repair & MOT Specialists based in the heart of Farnborough, Hampshire. We like to give you hints and tips on maintaining
your Volvo or Toyota to help reduce breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

The blog this week is about driving tips for safe driving in the rain. Making sure that your Volvo or Toyota is maintained throughout the year should help
to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive in the rain.

Driving in the rain

1) Tyres – make sure that you maintain a good tyre regime throughout the year on your Volvo or Toyota – if you look after your tyres and maintain the air
in them then they should be in good condition should we have adverse weather and water on the roads. We are known to have those April and May showers
– be very careful out there!

2) Wiper Blades – there is nothing worse than not being able to see where you are going – you should maintain your Volvo or Toyota wiper blades throughout
the year – if they are perished get them changed – they are relatively inexpensive to replace.

3) Windscreen – keep your windscreen on your Volvo or Toyota clean inside and out. See to any chips and cracks straight away. Always ensure that you de
mist your windscreen properly before you start your journey – trying to see with limited visibility through rain is bad enough without adding the fog
of a un misted screen to the mix – take your time – less haste!

4) Headlights – ensure that you use your headlights when it is raining – it helps other road users to see you!

5) Condition of the road – pay attention to the condition of the road and drive accordingly – it is difficult to see surface water so keep both your hands
on the steering wheel. If you find yourself hydroplaning do not panic and slam on your brakes. Instead lightly tap your brakes and adjust your steering
accordingly. Give the car in front of you plenty of space – do not drive too close to them.

6) Confidence – if you feel unsure about driving in the rain – don’t – wait until the rain subsides and then make your journey. If you feel nervous or
panicked at anytime by a sudden downpour, pull over when safe to do so and wait it out.

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